Effortless Luxury Consignment with LuxLoveLouis

At LuxLoveLouis, we ensure a seamless and trustworthy consignment experience from start to finish. Here's how we make consigning with us the right choice:

Transparent Pricing Agreement:
Before you ship your luxury bag to us, we will agree on an appropriate listing price. This ensures you are comfortable with the pricing strategy from the beginning.

Thorough Inspection and Authentication:
Upon delivery, your bag undergoes our rigorous quality inspection and authentication process. This step guarantees the authenticity and condition of your item, building trust with potential buyers.

Dynamic Pricing Strategy:
If your bag doesn't sell within the first week at the agreed-upon price, we will implement a dynamic pricing strategy to enhance its attractiveness. We will lower the price by $25 weekly until it sells, ensuring a fair and timely sale.

Fair Pricing for All:
Our pricing approach aims to be fair for both our consignors and buyers. We strive to balance obtaining the best value for your items while ensuring they remain attractive to our luxury-loving clientele.

At LuxLoveLouis, we offer some of the most competitive consignment fees in the luxury market. Let us handle the complexities of marketing, communication, transaction processing, and shipping, allowing you to benefit from our dedicated audience of over 26,700 luxury enthusiasts for a faster selling process.

Competitive Consignment Rates:

  • High-Value Items (over $500): 25% consignment fee
  • Standard Items (under $500): 30% consignment fee

Seamless Payment and Processing:
Payments are issued via PayPal Family/Friends, Check, or Zelle once your item sells. You will receive a confirmation within 72 hours of item delivery, and your listing will be posted within one week.

Detailed Item Descriptions:
For the most accurate quote and to minimize returns, please provide detailed descriptions of any flaws.

Flexible Sales Timeline:
We invest significant effort into marketing and selling each item, including professional photography and social media promotion. We ask sellers to allow up to 90 days before requesting a return if an item has not sold. Return shipping costs are the seller's responsibility.

From our customers


Fastest consignment I have ever done!


Fahionphile and Rebag offered me $1000 for that purse. I am glad that I decided to sell with you because I received almost double that what they were willing to offer to me.

I thank you so much for handling my purse. I'm glad to have found a trusted seller of luxury items. I appreciate the mooth transaction process and your kindness to your client. Take Care.


Thank you so much! It's fast and smooth to transact with you. Thank you so much!


Thank you again for everthing! Like I said i'm so glad I found you very affordable consignment fees, good prices and smooth transaction!! Thank you! Thank you!


I'm already building the next box to send you!


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